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We're Hiring! Mgr., Comms & Member Events

Tennessee Business Roundtable is seeking qualified, motivated candidates for a new staff position. Details:

Title: Manager, Communications & Member Events

Reports to: President

Status: Full-time; Exempt

Location: Nashville, TN (On-site; hybrid potential)

What – and Who - We Want

  • We seek to welcome to our staff a dedicated, reliable professional who has the skills and drive to plan, organize and execute our organization’s communications and member events.

  • We’re looking for a person who connects with and will commit to our Vision of becoming the most thoughtful and respected policy voice for Tennessee businesses – and to achieving that Vision through delivering valuable, unique information and events to the executives who lead our valued member entities.

  • We want someone who can write well and concisely, in contexts ranging from tweets to emails to letters to blog posts to white papers – who can understand and convey to our members and stakeholders the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the issues, developments and ideas that affect Tennessee’s business community.

  • We want a person who will team up to create and execute quality convening opportunities for our members – in-person and online events, delivered with forethought, class and attention to detail, that provide unique value and build our organization’s reputation.

What We Do

Based in Nashville, the Tennessee Business Roundtable ( is a nonprofit corporation which supports Tennessee and its economy by serving as a respected and influential policy voice for our state’s business community. We serve our member companies by delivering unique, valuable opportunities for our member executives to convene – with one another and with government, business and nonprofit leaders – to gain business knowledge and to shape pro-business approaches to state public policies in the areas of Competitiveness, Education, Health, and Workforce.

What You’ll Do

Our Manager, Communications & Member Events will support the Roundtable, and its member companies and executives, by applying his/her experience and judgement to make decisions and execute on these key functions which drive our organizational success:

  1. Communications. You will take the lead on planning, executing, coordinating, improving, and growing our email, newsletter, social media and print communications to members and stakeholders. You’ll learn about the issues that matter to our members, and communicate about them in our thoughtful, nonpartisan and respectful voice. You’ll create digital and print materials for marketing, policy and membership communications, maintain and update our website content and design, and interact with media and external communications stakeholders.

  2. Events. You will take the lead on organizing, scheduling, planning, and follow-up tasks for live and online events/meetings of our Roundtable’s various member groups – ranging from committees and Councils to our Board of Directors and our membership. You’ll also collaborate with our staff executive on executing, and developing content and programming for, our events and meetings – especially our larger events and those involving non-member stakeholders.

  3. Other duties as assigned. To get everything done in our small organization, all staff must pitch in at times to do things that aren’t in anyone’s specific job description – for example, printing name tags, stapling handouts, stuffing folders, picking up supplies, or other things. [Except for vacuuming, taking out the trash, and picking up K-cups for the office – our President does those.]

What You Should Bring

  • Bring the ability to communicate effectively in writing - in a news, government, business, and/or nonprofit context, and for a range of purposes and styles, e.g., white papers, social media posts, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, invitations, infographics, event signs, programs, etc. Be able to demonstrate that you can do more than just create “grammatically-correct word salad”; show how you use grammar, style, and vocabulary to tell professional audiences “What’s happening? Who’s involved? Why should I care? What can we do? What’s next?”.

  • Bring relevant experience in scheduling, planning and executing both live and virtual meetings, preferably for professional or executive audiences. Be able to show how you get people organized, communicate key information to them before and after events, and ensure key details and logistical matters are inventoried and planned out beforehand.

  • Bring the ability to design and to develop content for email and newsletter communications, to develop engaging, idea-oriented social media content, and to coordinate and extend messaging across multiple media and platforms.

  • Bring demonstrated proficiency in using key office and communications technology: Microsoft Office Suite; email, internet, and online interfaces; and LinkedIn and Twitter. Bring the ability to maintain and build a web page.

  • If you can bring experience using any of the following, please be sure to tell us: Canva or other graphic design tools; Wix or other website management platforms; online event management apps; AxiosHQ; SurveyMonkey; QuickBooks.

  • Bring a post-secondary degree, preferably in a discipline which relates directly to what you’ll be doing and what we do – e.g., communications, business, political science, etc.

  • Bring at least 3 years of post-secondary work experience. Be able to tell us how your prior work roles (even the non-professional ones) have shaped you as a candidate for this position.

  • If you can bring relevant professional experience working for a government, a nonprofit organization, or a corporate headquarters, please be sure to tell us.

  • Bring the ability to report to our office – currently in a second-floor, non-elevator building – each workday, to travel to and work infrequently at external locations within Tennessee when necessary, to operate personal computers, telephones and typical office machines, and to engage regularly in verbal and written digital and non-digital communications with others.

  • Bring a desire to contribute your talents to help our team “win”, curiosity, flexibility, an “underdog” mentality, the ability to deal respectfully with people who are either like or unlike yourself, creativity, empathy, and a sense of humor.

What’s In It for You

  • A starting salary of at least $57,000 per year, paid monthly.

  • Thirteen (13) paid holidays each year, following Tennessee’s state holiday calendar.

  • Additional Paid Time Off – you’ll get 4 days on Day One, accrue 6 more during your first year of service (at 0.5 days per month), then accrue 12 more per year of service (at 1 day per month) afterward.

  • If needed, an individual health benefit – payment by us of your monthly premiums for a plan we may choose to offer you as part of total compensation, negotiable and at our sole discretion.

  • The potential for bonuses, promotion opportunities, and salary increases – based on individual performance, subject to organizational performance, and at management’s sole discretion.

  • The potential to work part or all of one or more days remotely each week – subject to organizational needs and your satisfactory performance, and at management’s sole discretion.

  • Support for professional development opportunities appropriate to your role.

  • On/near your birthday each year, a first-class staff lunch/breakfast in your honor.

What We’ll Expect of You

  • When you are working, we expect you to be present, productive, on task, and focused on contributing to help our organization succeed. We expect you to show up, do your best, motivate yourself, take appropriate initiative, solve problems, and make our success part of yours…then go home and do and be yourself.

  • We expect that you have a life outside of work – family, friends, responsibilities, and/or interests. We expect you to need and want time for those people and things, before and after hours and on weekends, and that you’ll need and want to earn and take some paid time off work, to spend with those people and things, or for your own health or enjoyment.

  • We expect you to make mistakes—but to learn from them; to not always know, or how to do, some things—but to figure things out, ask for help when you cannot, and push through; to get distracted, confused, frustrated, or upset—but to maintain your self-control and performance in response to those and other pressures.

  • Organizations, those who work for them, and those they serve aren’t perfect. We don’t expect you to be, either. We do expect you to develop a vision of what “perfect” is, and to make the effort to point yourself, others, and our organization in that direction.

  • If you: get great satisfaction from creating and delivering quality content and events that build your reputation and your organization’s; know that “words have meaning”, “details matter”, “thinking is required”, and that neither you nor anyone else knows everything; and want to work with business leaders who truly want the best “not for ourselves alone, but for all of Tennessee”then this might be a great role for you.

  • If you: dislike working; spend hours of work time texting friends, gaming, working on a side hustle, or watching videos; like to change jobs every year or so; or don’t have a good idea of what you want to do for a living, or what you are good at doing…then this isn’t a great role for you.

What You Need to Do

Qualified, motivated applicants should email a letter of interest, resume, two writing samples of 500 words or more, and link to candidate’s LinkedIn profile to

Originally posted on January 5, 2023

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